Friday, February 25, 2011


In the lead up to the Foreign Beggars EP release on NEVER SAY DIE, one of my favourite remixes from TROLLEY SNATCHA is being given away for FREEEEE!! So stoked, cop this from the NEVER SAY DIE website! Big one guys! Look out for the EP in the future you lot!

Download HERE (external)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today I've got a freebie coming from ZENO, one of my most watched producers since I first heard 'Lazer Wolf 2010' back in 2009! This guy is on it, producing some serious glitchy experimental Dubstep. The sounds ZENO comes up with blows me away, go check out Lazer Wolf 2010 on my youtube channel if you aren't already subscribed (I uploaded it a few days ago).

Long time followers of MYD will probably be familiar with ZENO, as I posted a mix up of his a few months back, and also posted his free EP 'Cosmic'!

Anyway I grabbed this track from a free compilation titled 'Crazy Compilation 5' which is available HERE for anyone that's interested - I'm not going to post up the whole comp because it's very experimental and glitchy, not too much dubstep in there, but I recommend anyone with an open mind to electronic music checks it out as it's seriously good!

Zeno - Modular 2 320

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Easy all

Hench badmen CHASING SHADOWS are giving out their remix of Tasha Baxters' track 'The Visitor' for freeeee! These guys are producing some of the heaviest dubstep I have EVER heard and I've been a fan of theirs for quite some time. If you don't know about CHASING SHADOWS already then you best go grab a bucket to throw up in before you play this one! Big up guys!

Tasha Baxter - The Visitor (Chasing Shadows Remix) (external)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ahhhh DIESELBOY, a name that dnb heads will be VERY familiar with. This guy has been around since the mid 90's mixing the nastiest drum and bass he could get his hands on. Over a decade later he's still kicking, with a SERIOUS new mix, packed full of dnb, drumstep & dubstep!! DO NOT MISS THIS MIX! It's fucking nuts! For someone that's been in the business for so long to still spin mixes like this one is just unreal. Big up DIESELBOY, you're a don!

Dieselboy - Unleashed! by Dieselboy


Easy all

GEMINI is quickly becoming one of my favourite producers with his unique, almost trance-sounding atmospheric dubstep tracks such as 'Blue' which I'm sure you've all heard on UKF, I think it was actually released on Inspector Dubplates label. Anyway GEMINI has been kind enough to give away a new remix he's done of Kelis' track 'Brave'. To grab it for free just head over to his facebook and like the page! Big up GEMINI!