Monday, January 3, 2011


First of all, I hope everyone had a banging Christmas & New Year! I just want to thank EVERYONE who has helped MYD come this far in the last 10 months. Whether it's liking my page on facebook(which now has over 1,000 fans!), downloading what I spend a lot time posting, subscribing on youtube, commenting on the blog or anywhere else - it all means a LOT and encourages me to continue with this! I read everything I get, emails, comments on the blog, messages on youtube - all of it, and I appreciate all the feedback you give. Big up the lot of you!

2011 is going to be a big year in the scene, and it's going to be a huge year for MYD as well. There's a few bits I'll let you in on... I'll be upgrading to a full .com website (NO MORE BLOGSPOT TAKING MY FUCKING POSTS DOWN FOR REMIXES THAT ARE GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE, FUCK YOU), releasing podcasts, getting some merchandise ('Mind Your (Dub)step' shirts anyone?) and a few other things in the pipeline.

Anyway, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT OVER THIS LAST YEAR! I love all of you! Any of you can add my personal facebook and send me some love, I also post tunes up there as well.

Big love!