Monday, December 27, 2010


SKREAM. The man that every dubstepper knows about. Obviously needing no introduction, he has very kindly rewarded all of his fans with a big fat 13 track FREE album for Christmas!! Titled "The Freeizm Album" loaded with old, lost & new bass-riddled dubs. Everything he touches turns to gold. SKREAM, if you are for some strange reason reading this - I love you < 3

Skream - The Freeizm Album

1. Intro
2. No Ready
3. Cold Outside
4. 10 Bit Dreamz
5. Minor
6. Back From The Zoo
7. Krazy Snares
8. Lightnin VIP
9. Left The Room
10. Commercial SellOut
11. CTO
12. Skwelcha
13. Emotional Shizzle


  1. teh download isnt working. maybe its just cuz i have a mac but it still makes me sad...

  2. having a mac would make me sad

  3. I packed it as a .rar, maybe that's why mate. I dunno if mac's can handle that shit!