Monday, December 27, 2010


SKREAM. The man that every dubstepper knows about. Obviously needing no introduction, he has very kindly rewarded all of his fans with a big fat 13 track FREE album for Christmas!! Titled "The Freeizm Album" loaded with old, lost & new bass-riddled dubs. Everything he touches turns to gold. SKREAM, if you are for some strange reason reading this - I love you < 3

Skream - The Freeizm Album

1. Intro
2. No Ready
3. Cold Outside
4. 10 Bit Dreamz
5. Minor
6. Back From The Zoo
7. Krazy Snares
8. Lightnin VIP
9. Left The Room
10. Commercial SellOut
11. CTO
12. Skwelcha
13. Emotional Shizzle


Easy all, how was everyones Christmas?

Today I have a present from one of my favourite producers, PHEAR PHACE. Alongside S.O.S. on this one, they have smashed it together. I love the sounds PHEAR PHACE comes up with, always razor heavy! Grab it below.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010


You'll all be familiar with STATELAPSE by now, and you'll all be glad to know they have been nice enough to give away their tune 'Waiting' and a bunch of remixes from DIESEL and beatsNpieces. These guys are heavyweight and I've been a big fan of there's for a long time, don't miss this one, big business!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


A name some of my old readers will be familiar with, NIT GRIT has recently just reached 1 million plays on soundcloud, and to celebrate and thank his fans - he's giving away his track 'Malfunction' for FREE! Amazing deep, techy stuff as always Danny, keep it up!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


WOW. One my all time faves, and one of dubsteps biggest names, EXCISION has just released 10 FREE tracks on his soundcloud. Titled "The X Pack" (lol) this pack has a stupid amount of old school bangers including one of my all time favourite of his, Do It Now! AHHH SO GOOD! Go grab them while you can!

Excision - The X Pack - Free Tunes 2010 by Excision

Mmmmm, Do It Now..


Easy all

Today I've got a free EP from the guys at Mutated Sounds. ECHO COMPANY is a dubstep trio from New Zealand, and I'm loving their sounds at the moment! Quite unique, dark stabby samples. Different, which is what I like!

You can grab the whole EP (4 tracks, 35mb) from their website here.


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Easy all, who's loving all this snow? Anyone else actually LIKE snow apart from me?!

Today I've got a freebie from ROKSONIX! A serious new circus-style bassline wobbler just as you'd expect from him. I'm liking this! Big up to them for sharing this with the fans for free too, nice!