Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Easy all!

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, it's partly me being a slacker and me also being busy with work and the rest.

Most of you will remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted up a new genre of music I was digging called Neurofunk. Well, I'm still VERY much into it and I got good feedback from you guys asking for more. So I've had a look around and found a new mix for you guys! This mix also has some dark stabby dubstep in it too, SO sick.

The mix is done by GRINteck and is a part of a Facebook/Youtube blog similar too mine but focussing on Neuro, called NEUROFUNK GRID. So if you guys like this stuff make sure you head over to the NFG facebook page and get on board!

NFG Talents Show Presents - GRINteck

1: GRINteck + Aphonic - A Thousand Nights (Dub)
2: Sub Mass - Wiis (Ammunition Dub)
3: Nasty Genius - I'm Burning (Ammunition Dub)
4: DaVIP - Napalm (C2D Dub)
5: Hexus - Ryu (Overtech Dub)
6: High Maintenance ft. Overdose - All Between (Incognito Records)
7: Sinister Souls - Ascension (Mindtrick Dub)
8: GRINteck + Kung - 40Hz (Dub)
9: Qo - Chicago (Dub)
10: Triggy - Mechalion (Sinister Souls rmx) (Analogic Dub)
11: GRINteck + Qo + Zero Sun - Pleasure and Pain (C2D Dub)
12: Iron - Zombine (Ammunition Dub)
13: Telekinesis - Machines (Viper Dub)
14: NRanges + Uberman - Power Extract (Overtech Dub)
15: Nais - Destroy The Frontiere (Overtech Dub)
16: Machine Code - Recoded (PRSPCT)
17: Meth - Narler (PRSPCT)
18: Future Signal - Dissident (Sinuous)
19: Quadrant - Mascara (Citrus)
20: High Maintenance - Try Me Again (Bad Taste Dub)
21: Lucio de Rimanez + Cooh - Each Of Us (PRSPCT)
22: SPL + Eye-D - Pyramid Punk (Lost Soul)
23: Limewax - Jupiter (L\B)
24: YMB - Jump (Dub)
25: Desimal - Afterlife (Fokuz)

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