Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bassnectar & Datsik

Easy all

I have a seriously sick collab for you lot today! The king of bass driven dancefloor smashers BASSNECTAR and dubstep heavyweight DATSIK have come together to create a monsterous genre-mashing tune. Starting off with BASSNECTAR's noticeable drumstep-esque style, then finishing off with DATSIK's Rottun style razor wobbly dubstep. NICE! Snatch it up below!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Easy all!

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, it's partly me being a slacker and me also being busy with work and the rest.

Most of you will remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted up a new genre of music I was digging called Neurofunk. Well, I'm still VERY much into it and I got good feedback from you guys asking for more. So I've had a look around and found a new mix for you guys! This mix also has some dark stabby dubstep in it too, SO sick.

The mix is done by GRINteck and is a part of a Facebook/Youtube blog similar too mine but focussing on Neuro, called NEUROFUNK GRID. So if you guys like this stuff make sure you head over to the NFG facebook page and get on board!

NFG Talents Show Presents - GRINteck

1: GRINteck + Aphonic - A Thousand Nights (Dub)
2: Sub Mass - Wiis (Ammunition Dub)
3: Nasty Genius - I'm Burning (Ammunition Dub)
4: DaVIP - Napalm (C2D Dub)
5: Hexus - Ryu (Overtech Dub)
6: High Maintenance ft. Overdose - All Between (Incognito Records)
7: Sinister Souls - Ascension (Mindtrick Dub)
8: GRINteck + Kung - 40Hz (Dub)
9: Qo - Chicago (Dub)
10: Triggy - Mechalion (Sinister Souls rmx) (Analogic Dub)
11: GRINteck + Qo + Zero Sun - Pleasure and Pain (C2D Dub)
12: Iron - Zombine (Ammunition Dub)
13: Telekinesis - Machines (Viper Dub)
14: NRanges + Uberman - Power Extract (Overtech Dub)
15: Nais - Destroy The Frontiere (Overtech Dub)
16: Machine Code - Recoded (PRSPCT)
17: Meth - Narler (PRSPCT)
18: Future Signal - Dissident (Sinuous)
19: Quadrant - Mascara (Citrus)
20: High Maintenance - Try Me Again (Bad Taste Dub)
21: Lucio de Rimanez + Cooh - Each Of Us (PRSPCT)
22: SPL + Eye-D - Pyramid Punk (Lost Soul)
23: Limewax - Jupiter (L\B)
24: YMB - Jump (Dub)
25: Desimal - Afterlife (Fokuz)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


NERO are a duo I have been following for a looooong time, and not only did I see them live last night - I came home pleasantly surprised to find they did an Essential Mix on the same day!! So not only did I catch a BANGING live set from them, I got a 2 hour mix as well! I got in a bit of trouble for hosting an Essential Mix on my blog last time, so let's hope this one stays up... Make sure you grab it ASAP just in case! Just look at that tracklist... nasty business! It looks like it's the exact same set they played last night actually..


01. Justice — Stress (Nero Version) (Unreleased)
02. Freestylers — Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)
03. The Streets — Blinded by the lights (Nero Remix) (679 Recordings)
04. The Streets — In the middle (Nero Remix) (679 Recordings)
05. Cassius — I Love You So (Ed Banger)
06. Plan B — The Recluse (Nero Remix) (Atlantic)
07. Calvin Harris — You Used To Hold Me (Nero Remix)
08. Claire Maguire — Ain't Nobody (Breakage Remix)
09. Flux Pavilion — I Can't Stop (Circus)
10. MJ Cole — Sincere (Nero Remix) (Prolific)
11. Doctor P — Big Boss (Circus)
12. The Jets — Crush On You (Nero Remix)
13. Downlink — Factory
14. Chase & Status — Let You Go (Nero Remix) (Mercury)
15. Nero — Welcome Reality (MTA)
16. Nero — Me and You (MTA)
17. Alan Braxe — Arena
18. N.E.R.D and Daft Punk — Hypnotize U (Nero Remix)
19. Kavinsky — Pacific Coast Highway
20. Danger — 4h30
21. Justice — Let There Be Light (Ed Banger)
22. The Kills — Cheap And Cheerful (Sebastian Remix)
23. Muse — Knights of Cydonia (Feed Me Edit)
24. Skrillex — Rock n Roll (Mau5trap)
25. Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner — Animal Rights (Mau5trap)
26. Daft Punk — Around The World (Virgin)
27. Gigi Barocco — Puah Cheaper Thrills
28. Nero — Innocence (Feed Me Remix) (MTA)
29. Justice — D.A.N.C.E (Live version) (Ed Banger)
30. deadmau5 — Fml (Mau5trap)
31. Uffie — Difficult (Sebastian Remix)
32. Sebastian — Threnody (Nero Edit)
33. Thomas Bangalter — Rectum
34. Thomas Bangalter — The End
35. Gustav Mahler — Symphony No.9 (Adagio)
36. Muse — Exogenesis Pt 2
37. Narcosis — Dark Age Of Reason
38. Adam Freeland — Mancry (Nero Edit)
39. The Who — Baba O Riley
40. The Who — Baba O Riley (Sebastian Remix)
41, Beastie Boys — Sabotage (Alex Metric Re-Edit)
42, Sleigh Bells — Tell 'em
43. Wolfgang Gartner — Ill America
44. Swedish House Mafia — One
45. Swedish House Mafia — One (Netsky Remix)
46. Sigma — Paint It Black
47. Chase & Status — Streetlife (Ram)
48. SpectraSoul — The Four Points
49. DC Breaks — Babyon (Viper)
50. Metrik — T 1000 (Viper)
51. Nero — Do You Wanna (Viper)
52. Sub Focus — Timewarp VIP (Ram)
53. Sub Focus — Let the Story Begin (Ram)
54. Chase & Status — No Problem
55. The Beatles — A Day In The Life (Parlophone)
56. Magnetic Man — I Need Air (Sony)
57. Chase & Status — Eastern Jam (Ram)
58. Doctor P feat RSK — Black Books (Circus)
59. Brookes Brothers — In Your Eyes (feat Johnny Osbourne) (Breakbeat Kaos)
60. Funtcase — Taking the piss (Circus)
61. Skrillex — Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Mau5trap)
62. Nero — This Way (Z Audio)
63. Nero — Innocence (MTA)
64. Nero — Me And You (MTA)
65. Prince — Let's Go Crazy (Warner Bros)

Monday, November 8, 2010


I've loved KREW since I first heard them last year, and I just came across a new mix they've done and thought I'd share it with you guys! Unfortunately it's not downloadable, but it's still hard as nails and definitely worthy of a listen. Check it out below, and also scope out their soundcloud!

They've also give out a free 320 to go with it, heavy stuff!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Easy all!

Today we have the next installment of the UKF podcasts which I'm sure most of you are familiar with by now. This one is smashed by MODESTEP, which I have mentioned quite a few times in the past, especially on facebook. These guys are downright mental live, they put on a killer show and play the dirtiest stuff around. If you live around London, make sure you get down to one of their gigs!

Anyway here's the cast, try not to skank too hard, that High Rankin remix of Machete get's me every tiiiime!


1. War-Bot - Dr Philth
2. Wibbler - Skream
3. Machete - Drop Top (High Rankin Remix)
4. Mustardayonaise - JRabbit, Tremourz
5. Slippery Nipple - Diesel
6. Got 2 Know - Flux Pavillion
7. Spanish Fly - JRabbit
8. Swagga - D-Jahsta
9. Get To The Point/Tempz - Liquid Stranger/Temper T (Modestep Mashup)
10. Obey - Eptic
11. Superman - Ajapai
12. In the Hood - Slumdogz
13. Exile - Modestep
14. Bogey Wonderland - Modestep
15. Stop - Youngman, Crissy Criss
16. Number of the Beast - Shekel
17. Streeth Fighting Camel - Downlink/D Double E (Modestep Mashup)
18. The Island - Pendulum (Statelapse Remix)
19. Malfunction - Diesel
20. True Believer - Phetsta, Metrik, Shockone
21. I Cant Stop - Flux Pavillion
22. Pixel Porn - Bratkilla
23. Piano Tune - Bar 9
24. Rukus - Tetsuo
25. Reasons - 12th Planet & Juakali (Dr P Remix)
26. Bunny Rabbit - Jogo
27. Talk Dirty - Phear Phace
28. Circle K - Trolley Snatcha
29. Be Alright - Seklow
30. Calm Down - AC Slater
31. Scarface - Urban Assualt
32. Ho! Riddim - Marco Del Horno, Swerve (Funtcase Remix)
33. Scary Monsters - Skrillex
34. Mods VIP - Orien
35. Dub King - Modestep
36. Fuck you - Cee Lo Green (Modestep Remix)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Easy all, something a bit different today!

Lately I've been obsessing over Neurofunk so I thought I'd share this mix I got sent from a friend of mine earlier today. Some of you might be familiar with this style, but for those who aren't, it's like stabby, hard-hitting drum n bass.

Anyway this is a podcast done by BLOKHE4D, with a special guest mix from Dj Optiv from Cause for Concern. I'm loving this style at the moment, let me know what you guys think as I will probably be posting more like this! Comment below or hit me up on facebook.

I was going to upload the whole track but Mediafire wouldn't let me up a file that was over 200mbs, so head over to BLOKHE4D's soundcloud and grab it! I will upload a .rar file for those who prefer that as well.