Thursday, October 7, 2010


I'm back!! I've got LOTS of emails to sort through and stuff to check, so I'll try slam as much up asap!

BASSNECTAR kills it with every release he drops, and his new EP "Wildstyle" on sale October 19th will be no exception. To kick start the release, he has kindly given his fans the radio edit of "Wildstyle Method" away for FREE!! The track is serious wobble mayhem, standard BASSNECTAR behaviour. Grab it below!

BASSNECTAR also dropped another freebie while I was away - a remix of a Deftones track called Prince. It's available for free off his website, make sure you go get it, it's so so so good. Just head over to his site and chuck your email in, easy peasy!


  1. welcome back! big up, been loving bassnectar at the moment

  2. cheers mate! he smashes it! plus he has long hair, big up the long hair crew ;)