Friday, August 6, 2010


"In 1945 when World War II was ending, British intelligence made one of the biggest cover-ups known to man. Many thought the war was about stopping the oppressive Nazi movement from Germany, but little do people know that war was actually declared to stop a very secret underground music movement that could melt people’s faces and blister any man’s ears within seconds.

In a deep bunker in south east London British troops stumbled across something worse than chemical weapons, they discovered music producing equipment capable of producing baselines that could shift contour lines and cause every natural disaster at the same time. The equipment was seized by the troops and locked away in a research facility in an unknown location. Much research was done on the equipment but its creator is still unknown.

However, the movement had already spread and the seized equipment was eventually stolen from the research facility in 2009 and carted off in a white van. The equipment was then sold out of the back of the white van in an alley in Catford, South East London to the dodgiest character known in this threatening music movement… Hooky. Hooky now makes dangerous music, most of which is not released because of the damage it could cause to peoples faces and to the planet itself. He uses many identities to avoid being located. There have been sightings of him though, dealing vinyl on street corners and back alleys illegally. These vinyls were moved from class B to class A because of the filth that is carved onto them. People have died overdosing on Hooky music and the police have started a new campaign to suppress every move that Hooky makes…but he is one-step ahead. "

Check out his soundcloud for more tracks!

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