Friday, August 27, 2010


HOOOOLY HELL. My room mate just found this a little while ago and I rushed over here to post it for you lot. This is seriously fucking heavy shit from BARE NOIZE, as you would expect! UKF have a record of sick podcasts, with the likes of Flux Pavillion and The Prototypes jumping in on them. Check out the UKF website for the other ones if you don't have them already!

Anyway, I hope you're all ready to hold your bass-face for an hour!


Davip - Ignition (Bare Noize Remix)
16 Bit - Swine Flu
Chasing Shadows Feat Foreign Beggars - Typhoon
High Rankin - Machete / Eddie K - Serial Killer
Bare Noize/Skrillex - Dub
Medison feat. Skrein - Harry (Bare Noize Remix)
Noisia - Split The Atom (Bar 9 Remix)
Bare Noize - Plant Food
Synkro - Angels VIP
Vent - Flava (Dub)
Bar 9 - Piano Tune
Lewis B - Pinball
Nero - This Way
Riskotheque & Atman - Hex
501 - Solitaire
Reso - Technetium
Indigo - Grains
Bisweed - You're In Love
Propatingz - Babylons Scared
Statelapse - Waiting
Borgore - Ambient Dub Shit
Bar 9 - The Beginning
Culprate - Flagrance
Digiworx - All That Remains
Bulldogz - The Dwarf Pufferfish
Statelapse - The Apocalypse
Digiworx - Squid Attack
Bar 9 - Murda Sound
Nero - Something Else
Synkro - Dont Know
Indigo - Here
Engine Earz - Kaliyuga

Sunday, August 22, 2010



VASKI smashing it with this mix! I just came across this now trolling through soundcloud, and holy shit! This mix is awesome, so many large dubs, old and new. Make sure you check this one out!


Vaski – Hurricane
Orbatak – Machete
Liquid Stranger – Robot Rox
Vaski – Godzilla
Vaski – Terror dome
Vaski – Game Face
Flux Pavilion – Voscillate (Vaski Remix)
Giant – Drumstick
Downlink – Ghost (Total Recall Remix)
Vaski – Robot Sounds
Orbatak – Pure Evil
Numbernin6 – Ribs
Vaski – Murder
Excision and Datsik – Invaders
Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better (Vaski Remix)
Trolley Snatcha – We Rock the Forest
Vaski – Safe or Sorry
SPL & Triage – Valhalla
Muse – Knights of Cedonia (Nostalgia Remix)
Noisia – Split the Atom (Bar 9 Remix)
Nero – This Way
Caspa – Marmite (Doctor P Remix)
Dreadzone – Gangster (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
Britney Spears – 3 (Vaski Remix)
Vaski – Resonate
Vaski – Zombie Apocalypse
Vaski Ft. Nik1 – Ferocious
Excision and Downlink Ft. Messinian – Heavy Artillery
Medison – Harry (Bare Noize Remix)
Diesel – Slippery Nipple
Vaski – Get Down VIP
Vaski – Lost My Mind
Nero – Innocence
Datsik – Want Some More
Boy Crisis – Dressed to Digress (Nero Remix)


Anything BREAKAGE touches turns to gold. Sunday vibes!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chronos Records FreEP

Easy all!

Got some big big filth for you lot today, coming straight from Chronos Records, which I'm sure you're familiar with! Chronos have their long awaited EP dropping on the 20th, titled the "Dayn EP" featuring Dr Philth & Kirkus, which will no doubt be large.

For now, they have released a 'FreEP' (get it?) with some stupidly heavy bangers from Vermin, Dayn and Dr Philth. Grab them below!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


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Don't miss this!! Check the facebook page for all the info!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Also, while we're on Foreign Beggars, their latest remixed EP is out now on beatport. Featuring Chasing Shadows - Typhoon, a track I featured in my mix!

Friday, August 6, 2010


"In 1945 when World War II was ending, British intelligence made one of the biggest cover-ups known to man. Many thought the war was about stopping the oppressive Nazi movement from Germany, but little do people know that war was actually declared to stop a very secret underground music movement that could melt people’s faces and blister any man’s ears within seconds.

In a deep bunker in south east London British troops stumbled across something worse than chemical weapons, they discovered music producing equipment capable of producing baselines that could shift contour lines and cause every natural disaster at the same time. The equipment was seized by the troops and locked away in a research facility in an unknown location. Much research was done on the equipment but its creator is still unknown.

However, the movement had already spread and the seized equipment was eventually stolen from the research facility in 2009 and carted off in a white van. The equipment was then sold out of the back of the white van in an alley in Catford, South East London to the dodgiest character known in this threatening music movement… Hooky. Hooky now makes dangerous music, most of which is not released because of the damage it could cause to peoples faces and to the planet itself. He uses many identities to avoid being located. There have been sightings of him though, dealing vinyl on street corners and back alleys illegally. These vinyls were moved from class B to class A because of the filth that is carved onto them. People have died overdosing on Hooky music and the police have started a new campaign to suppress every move that Hooky makes…but he is one-step ahead. "

Check out his soundcloud for more tracks!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Alriiight everyone?!

JAVAN DEE is a producer I've been following quite a bit since I heard one of his remixes a while back, and this kid has serious talent. He's recently released a FREE EP for everyone to download, containing 3 of his more quiet tracks. I love what he does with these tunes - melodic, bass ridden, vocal pieces. Grab these guys and get skanking in your chair!