Monday, July 5, 2010


Right, you people will probably already know about PHEAR PHACE from my post back in may, and if you don't know - search for the post on my blog. This guy is seriously one of my favourite producers right now. Every track I hear blows my mind.

I've just got 2 new bits from him, 1 of them is a full 320 for you lot, and the other is a taster of the EP he's releasing hopefully later this week! After hearing these, I can't fucking wait to get this EP. It's coming out on Hi-Jack Records, I'll keep you lot posted when it drops. Big up PHEAR PHACE!!

This one is a freebie from him, I've had it on repeat since I got it!

Keep your eyes peeled for the EP, out soon on HI-JACK RECORDS, featuring this disgustingly heavy track!!

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