Friday, July 23, 2010


Easy all.

Something different for you lot today! I got this mix emailed through the other day - the new Never Say Die mix from CTRL-Z! Now, I'm not usually into this kind of electro/breaks stuff, but holy shit, this mix absolutely blew my mind. I didn't know electro could get this filthy! Even for you lot that don't generally get into it, I recommend you download this, as it will probably change your mind like it did mine! It's a raging mix of disgusting electro and breaks, with a massive dubstep second half. A seriously well done and sick mix from CTRL-Z!

This Never Say Die mix is pushing the release of the Freestylers - Cracks remix pack coming out on the 9th of next month, containing the already worked remix by Flux Pavillion plus CTRL-Z's remix! Can't wait for that! You will all be familiar with the Flux Pavillion remix I'm sure. Anyway, get on this mix people, it's seriously hard!


BONUS: Freestylers - Cracks (Demus Remix) 192 (house/electro)

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