Thursday, July 29, 2010


Another archives post people! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been a little busy...

Anyways this week's old gold is from DOWNLINK. His Halloween 2009 mix is still a mix I smash to this day, it's so sick. Filled with classic Rottun bangers and some of the biggest tunes of 2009. DOWNLINK has really come out this year, with tracks like 'Ignition' I am definitely looking forward to hearing more!


Monday, July 26, 2010


Easy all!

First up I just want to say thankyou to EVERYONE that has taken the time to view my blog, and even bigger ups to all those that comment, email, subscribe and like what I do! I read everything I get, so don't be shy of the comment button, and it means a lot to know people are enjoying what I'm putting so much time into! This month I have had over 10,000 hits to my blog, which is such a massive massive number, I never thought it'd get to be this big! Big up yourselves!

I'm approaching my 100th post on the blog, and I've put together a little something for you all. It's nothing special, but a lot of love when into it! Stay tuned!

As most of you probably know already, SKREAM's new album 'Outside the Box' is coming out on the 9th of August, and to push the release of it, he's been releasing packs of tunes for free titled Freeizm. Now the last 2 have been pretty standard old-school SKREAM stuff, minimal dubstep bits - but this one, volume 3, is ridiculous. It's pretty much a free album! Meta-Lick, Metal Mouth, Behind The Curtain, Let's Go Fucking Mental... They're ALL bangers!! Make sure you grab this people, and don't forget to pre-order 'Outside the Box'!


Skream – Behind The Curtain
Skream – Meta-Lick
Skream – Rollin
Skream – Metal Mouth
Skream – Pick Ya Knees Up
Geeneus – Now Is The Time (Skreamix)
Geiom – Reminissin (Skream’s Tribal 44 Mix)
Skream – Lets Go Fucking Mental
Dr.Blue & The Time Travellers – Dr.Who Dub (Skreamix)

Also don't forget that MAGNETIC MAN's 'I Need Air' is out on iTunes now! Support the sound and go grab it for 99p!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Easy all.

Something different for you lot today! I got this mix emailed through the other day - the new Never Say Die mix from CTRL-Z! Now, I'm not usually into this kind of electro/breaks stuff, but holy shit, this mix absolutely blew my mind. I didn't know electro could get this filthy! Even for you lot that don't generally get into it, I recommend you download this, as it will probably change your mind like it did mine! It's a raging mix of disgusting electro and breaks, with a massive dubstep second half. A seriously well done and sick mix from CTRL-Z!

This Never Say Die mix is pushing the release of the Freestylers - Cracks remix pack coming out on the 9th of next month, containing the already worked remix by Flux Pavillion plus CTRL-Z's remix! Can't wait for that! You will all be familiar with the Flux Pavillion remix I'm sure. Anyway, get on this mix people, it's seriously hard!


BONUS: Freestylers - Cracks (Demus Remix) 192 (house/electro)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


BARE is spreading like wildfire all over the blog scene at the moment, and it's no suprise with mixes like this and releases coming out soon that will blow your face off - notably "Bite" and "Silent Pterodactyl" out on Beatport very very soon from Tuff Love Dubs.

This mix is not for the faint of heart, trust me! I think the image above sums up this mix rather nicely...


Hit up BARE's myspace for more tracks!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Right! You lot should all be familiar with PHEAR PHACE by now, an artist I've been supporting from the start. Well, his long awaited EP "Dead on Arrival" has finally dropped! I have been rinsing this since I first got it. 4 Enormous, weighty and well produced tracks that are WELL worth your 4 quid. That's like 1 drink at the pub for 4 tracks! If you miss this you're mad. PLEASE support PHEAR PHACE and grab this from JUNO!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I remember hearing a couple of F3TCH tracks probably last year sometime and loving them, but I could never find anymore. Anyway, I was just over at SQUITTY BUBBLER and found this post they put up back in June, with 2 free tracks of his! You filth-lovers will dig this guy. He's from Australia too, represent! Get on these! Big up F3TCH!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


New free bit from BAR 9! One of my favorite dubstep producers smashing it again with this remix of Goldhawks - Keep the Fire. Following in the tradition of their remix of kickstarts, this tune is bouncey and summery. Perfect for this weather!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Easy all, sorry about the lack of thick updates lately, I've been kinda busy!

DATSIK posted on his facebook the other day letting everyone know he had 3 free tunes to give away, and titled them the "Mellow EP". I personally didn't think much of 2 of them, kinda basic and I can't stand Coldplay or MGMT, but the other I really enjoyed so I'm going to chuck it up here. If you want to grab the other 2, go check out his facebook.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


You all need this tune for the coming Sunday morning, trust. Just found it on soundcloud, seriously amazing remix from OMEGA.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Little bit addicted to SKREAM at the moment..

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Another oldie for you guys, and you will seriously enjoy this if you haven't got it already!

This time from COOKIE MONSTA, titled "Maryland Chocolate Chip" mix, this one was released at the end of 2008 I believe. This mix is entirely from his own stuff - and there's not a bad track on it, which is obviously saying a lot. COOKIE MONSTA really outdid himself in this mix, and this is my favorite of his. Get on it!!


1. Misunderstood
2. Bliss
3. Frontline
4. Optimus Prime
5. Crank
6. Smack ‘Em
7. Breezer
8. Suicide
9. Fallen Angel
10. Cheeky cunt
11. Dirt Deep Drilla
12. You Can Do it!
13. Revenge
14. Stinky Ferret
15. Ca$h
16. Finally
17. Ginger Pubes
18. Grandmomma
19. Tight for a Honky
20. DeadBeat
21. Sycho Bob
22. Face Fuck
23. Massacre
24. Playtime
25. Bladdered
26. Badman a Talk
27. Contract with the Devil
28. Break Slash Dance
29. Break Slash Dance (Dubstep version)

Friday, July 9, 2010


SKREAM smashing it again with his next volume of FREEZIM! Building hype for his album "Outside the Box" dropping on the 9th of August, he is releasing series of free tracks from himself for everyone to download.

Floor shaking bass and dark, heavy vibes from all of these tracks - as you'd expect. Proper skankers. Big up SKREAM!


Skream - Dark Light
Skream - Arola
Skream - Disturbin' Toyz
Skream - Sine-Us
Loefah - Indian Dub (Skreamix)


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Easy all!

Just stumbled across this mix from DUBSAW's big name bad boy CULPRATE. As some of you may already know, if you see anything released by DUBSAW, you're in for some seriously heavy dubstep. These guys support the likes of KOAN SOUND, BARBARIX, FUNTCASE, FLUX PAVILLION and RAKOON - plus a whole bunch of others - and if you're game, I remember reading some of DUBSAW's DJ's come from grindcore/death metal bands...

Anyway here's the latest mix done for the Revoltcast series, bought to you by KNOWLEDGE MAGAZINE. You can also catch the interview they did on the KMAG website. You've been warned, this mix is definitely not for the faint of heart! Big up CULPRATE!


Gravity - Eclipse (Culprate rmx) - DSAWD005
Sinister Souls - Borederline - MTR005
Silent Frequencies - Are You Ready - AFK dub
>>Datsik & Funtcase - Brock Out - dub
DJ Loko - Keep Rising (KOAN Sound rmx) - SCREW005
Bison - Too Much Ganja - dub
Datsik - Gecko (VIP) - dub
Ebola - Anti Disco Autopsy - WLAB007
Culprate - Flagrance - DSAW004
Culprate - One Man, One Jah - TBR DSAW
Culprate - Airline - TBR DSAW
Datsik - Mechano (Culprate rmx) - dub
>Datsik & Excision - Boom (Culprate rmx) - dub
Future Signal - Dissident - SIN020
>Culprate - Orion - dub
>Ed Rush & Optical - Alien Girl (Culprate rmx) - unofficial dub
Asa - Intimate - EDUB012
Titus12 - To The Antient - dub
KOAN Sound - Crutial Step - dub
wAgAwAgA - Selected Importer - ACP035
Boxcutter - Bug Octet - ZIQ187
Optech - Get Your Kicks - dub
>Culprate - One Man, One Jah (Gravity rmx) - Demo Version
Tetsuo - My World - dub
Reso - Rumble - SUBWAY013
Culprate - Red 208.85 - dub
>16bit - Jump - DUBSTARS018
KOAN Sound - Jumpsuit Adventures (Culprate rmx) - TBR SCREW
Autechre - Tewe - WARPCD49
KOAN Sound - Burnt Banana - TBR SCREW
Noisia - Fasade - RAMM59
>>Comix - Talk To Frank - METH072
Misanthrop - Orbit - NSGNLLP001
>>Ganja Cru - Super Sharp Shooter - True Playaz
>>Icicle - Nowhere - Renegade Hardware
Eskamon - Fine Objects - ANC004
Nymfo - Bionic Fingers - SUISIDE50
Brainpain & STHS - Join Me - TBR Sustained
Noisia - Exodus - VSN004

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010


Right, you people will probably already know about PHEAR PHACE from my post back in may, and if you don't know - search for the post on my blog. This guy is seriously one of my favourite producers right now. Every track I hear blows my mind.

I've just got 2 new bits from him, 1 of them is a full 320 for you lot, and the other is a taster of the EP he's releasing hopefully later this week! After hearing these, I can't fucking wait to get this EP. It's coming out on Hi-Jack Records, I'll keep you lot posted when it drops. Big up PHEAR PHACE!!

This one is a freebie from him, I've had it on repeat since I got it!

Keep your eyes peeled for the EP, out soon on HI-JACK RECORDS, featuring this disgustingly heavy track!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Easy all!

The last couple of days has been awesome for freebies! NERO and TEK-ONE both have released a free 320, and of course I'm gonna host them up for you lot! Both absolutely kill it - the TEK-ONE remix of Crystal Fighters is just mindblowing. I instantly fell in love with that track. These ones are getting thrashed by me at the moment! Big up NERO & TEK-ONE!

Also make sure you become a fan of MIND YOUR (DUB)STEP on facebook!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010


STATELAPSE smashing it again with another fucking heavyyyy freebie! These 2 are one of my favourite producers at the moment, every tune they bring out absolutely kills it. Big up guys!!


Got these tunes sent over from ENDBOSS the other day - funky dubstep at it's finest! These tracks are wobbly, funky basslines. It's like a circus gone wrong! Catch ENDBOSS on facebook and check his soundcloud for more tracks!

You'll notice I moved to mediafire too, rghost was fucking up a bit. If anyone has any problems let me know!