Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I came across SHEM's track "Fear of Living" a few weeks back and HAD to have more. This guy is fucking nuts! Deep dark dubstep here. Become a fan on facebook and check out his youtube for more exclusive tracks and updates.

Shem - Her 320 (heavy DNB tune!)

I've also got a mix from SHEM that is fucking HEAVY! Get on it!


1.Kaliber 44 - Litery (Shem Remix) DUB
2. Misanthrop - Viperfish (VIP)
3. Receptor - Rhyno (Int Company Remix) DUB
4. KRS One - Step Into My World DNB Remix
5. Rico & Scoop - Little Green Men (Neonlight Remix) DUB
6. DaVIP & Encode - Vamonos Breed12Inches DUB
7. Shem & Wreckage Machinery - Bring It (VIP2) Mindtech DUB
8. Engage & Enei - Carnage
9. Xilent - Elve
10. Bulletproof - Middle East (Agent Alvin Remix) DUB
vs O.S.T.R.
11. Darkbasser - Xkrude
vs. DonGuralesko - Drewnianej Małpy Rock
12. Stereotype - XTC (Culture Assault Recs DUB)
13. Shem - Crip Walk (Nilow Remix) DUB
14. N.E.R.D. - Lapdance (Shem Remix) DUB
15. Helios - In Heaven (Shem Remix) vs Fatboy Slim - Demons.

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