Wednesday, June 2, 2010


SKREWFACE is a DJ I've been listening to since first hearing dubstep. Early 2009 I stumbled across his radio show "Dubsteppers Delight" on the dubstep forum, which opened my eyes to the ridiculous scale of different styles and artists in the genre. I have been listening to his radio show ever since. I feel like I owe a lot to him for opening my eyes to dubstep! They're all hosted online on his site, with special guest mixes every week, so make sure you tune in every Tuesday night at 7pm-10pm CET (GMT 1) and grab the podcasts!

He also releases free mixes appropriately titled "Innocent Until Proven Filthy" and this is his latest one, number 7 - packed full of exclusives and banging tunes, a lot from his own label "Basspunch Records". These mixes are insane, trust me!! Grab it below!


Cixxx J - Go Back To The
Grooki - Interloper
Kosha VS Kromestar - The Future
Oddsokz - Nasty
Badklaat & Phear Phace - Tooled Up
Migrant - Six Of One
Badness Ft Skepta & Lil Nasty - Nightmare (Cotti & Coki Remix)
Plan B - She Said (16bit Remix)
Kosha & Kromestar - Teleport
BananaBomber - Night Fire
Goku - Savages
Lilly Allen - The Fear (Genetic.Krew Remix)
Sukh Knight - Diesel Not Petrol (Noah D Remix)
Saulya - Robot Rock
Mr MaDJestyk - Dub Hangover
Bratkilla - La Barra
Ashburner & Goli - If I
Jahfe - Solution (RDubz Remix)
Shredexx - K49PM
Tri-Funk - Untitled 616,35
Flatmate - Cheyenne
2 Deep - My Life
Downlink - Talk Dubby To Me
Robyn & Diplo - Dancehall Queen
Bong - Aluminium
Shekel - Tarantino
Dr Philth - Electro Wank
2 Deep - Beautiful
Zeno - ###
Bong - Bullet Hole
BadKlaat - Are You Scared
2 Deep - Eggy Bread
Reika - Scruface Scarface
Shredexx - Thurrr VIP
Rude Kid - Emergency
Requake - Fools Good
JSuave - Smogcheck
Zeno - Clish (The Widdler Remix)
Goku - Twisted Melody
Brown Noise - Dreamcatcher
MarchMellow - Shake That Sax (Benton Remix)
Sewerdiver aka Skevist - Artificial Business
Sticky Feet - Old Records (MarchMellow Remix)
Sticky Disco - Fuck Acid
Shekel - Blowing Up Remix
Mr Sleepz - The Hatchling
Bratkilla - There Is No God VIP
BadKlaat - Psycho Paul
RAkoon - How We Run Things
Bong - Light Source
Co.Killaz - Dirty Bird (The Abomination Remix)
Shredexx - Iron Fist VIP
Emer - HOld Had Muda Skunt
Shekel - Slaughter VIP
Funtcase - So Vexed
BananaBomber & BadKlaat - Pencils
Nemmz - Rythm & Bliss
Migrant - Divide (blended with Gappy Ranks - Long Time)
Digid - Selassie
Marcus Visionary & Satori - Flying Dubs
Chimpo - Manchester Anthem
Skittles - Tip-I-Cal-Ly (Chimpo Remix)
Phear Phace - Kingdom Of The Bass
Widelows - Dogpound
BananaBomber & Dexx - Gorilla Funk
BadKlaat - Wallace & Vomit
Krister Linder - Dare (Skrewface Dubstep Edit)

"Skrewface, draw back your bow, and let your dubplate go!"

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