Thursday, June 10, 2010


Time for another oldie for you lot!

Most of you will already be familiar with EXCISION's Shambhala sets, and those who aren't - you're in for a ruuude suprise! EXCISION has been smashing the Shambhala festival since 2008, and with Shambhala 2010 coming up I thiiink in August, hopefully we get another disgustingly heavy 2 hour set from him which sounds like transformers beating the fuck out of each other.

This is the first set he played, 2008, and in my opinion the best out of the 2 so far. 2008's tracklist was so fucking sick, none of those "who can make the most random noises in 4-5 minutes" dubstep tracks - these all absolute bass-ridden, catchy bangers. Featuring heaps of his older tracks (No Escape, Do It Now, Bear Trap, etc) you HAVE to have this mix if you don't already. It's literally a classic.



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