Saturday, May 8, 2010


SKIRMISH is a young dubstep producer from Crawley, and he is SICK! He's sent me some of his new tracks and fuck they are heavy! Stomping grimey dubstep here. These have planned releases in the near future, so grab these while they're fresh!

Skirmish - You Ain't a Killer (clip)

Skirmish - Ill Mental (clip)


These ones here are freebies from his soundcloud that I've upped for you guys! Wicked beats. Make sure to go check it for more tunes!

Skirmish - Resistance 320

Skirmish - My Flow 320

For anyone about Brighton on the 16th of June, make sure you go check this out! Will be a big one.

Become a fan of Skirmish on facebook, and don't forget to check his soundcloud for more tunes!! You'll definitely be hearing more from this guy.

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