Sunday, May 23, 2010


I found these tunes up on rub-a-dub-dubbb and HAD to post them up here. HOOKY is big!! These tunes are so well produced, filled with techy little unique samples that really make a huge difference. Make sure you grab these, and if you're feeling them - click over to rub-a-dub-dubbb and grab the exclusive they have up there, "Working All Day" as well!

"One rubbish collector in London discovered a CD Hooky had thrown out in the bin, as it was dangerous, and played it in the rubbish truck. All of the rubbish men working died instantly because their chests were vibrated so violently by the bass and the truck exploded and killed 7 innocent bystanders."

I've got some absolutely disgusting exclusive stuff from PHEAR PHACE going up tomorrow as well, stay tuned...

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