Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Right, so 95% of the stuff on this blog is all new. I'm usually posting the latest mixes and tracks, but I thought this morning of posting an "archives" type post maybe once a week or fortnight, just to remind all you dubheads of how dubstep has come to be how it is today!

So, for the first post of FROM MY ARCHIVES, I'm gonna post one of my favorite mixes of all time. I still play this mix on a weekly basis, since I first heard it about 8 months ago. Truly epic mix riddled with catchy dubstep and dark grimey synths! Download this, please!!



1. NumberNin6 - Hunt You Down [forthcoming subHUMAN]
2. Reso vs Vent - Rumble [forthcoming Subway] [Numbernin6 Edit]
3. Culprate - Trench Foot [dub]
4. NumberNin6 – Horndog [dub]
5. Marchmellow – Reel Simple VIP [dub]
6. 501 – The Beginning of the End [forthcoming Audio Phreaks]
7. Borgore ft Jazzsteppa – Jelly Bass Remix [dub]
8. NumberNin6 – Ribs [forthcoming Sour Grapes] [edit]
9. Rob Sparx vs John Maveric – Windscreen Sniper [forthcoming Z-Audio]
10. Engine-Earz vs Busta Rhymes – Hydroactive [dub]
11. Propa Tingz – Poor Man Style VIP [dub]
12. NumberNin6 – Garbage [forthcoming subHUMAN]
13. NumberNin6 – The Tempest [dub]
14. Excision & Datsik – Boom (Datsik VIP) [dub]
15. Excision & Datsik – Invaders [EX7]
16. Noah D – Killing Time [Basshead]
17. NumberNin6 – Sarangi [dub]
18. Rob Sparx – Prince of Persia [dub]
19. Reso – Hemisphere [dub]
20. NumberNin6 – With You [forthcoming Migration]
21. Mode – Workaholic [forthcoming Dark Circles]
22. DJ Fresh – Hypercaine (Nero Remix) [forthcoming Breakbeat Kaos]
23. Rob Sparx – What U Gonna Do (NumberNin6 Remix) [forthcoming Migration]
24. Stenchman – Lomongo Deltroy [dub]
25. Bar9 – Faded [dub]
26. Stickybuds – Eat A Pork Chop (Datsik Remix) [dub]
27. NumberNin6 – Pervert Remix (instrumental) vs Dead Prez – Hip Hop (acapella) [dub]
28. Bukez Finezt – Fukk What Cha Heard [forthcoming TuffLoveDubs]
29. Datsik – Galvanize [forthcoming SMOG]
30. Vista & Presence Known – Water Torture [dub]
31. Dexcell – Fukit (Culprate Remix) [dub]
32. NumberNin6 – Untitled [dub]
33. The Prodigy – Breathe (NumberNin6 VIP) [dub]

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