Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NiT GriT

urgh... how have i not heard about this guy already? these tunes are fucking mindblowing... seriously feeling these. this guy was nice enough to release 3 full length 320's for your pleasure, but the best part is he has a whole album filled with ridiculously amazing grimey glitchy dark dubstep. YOU NEED THIS ALBUM, TRUST. buy it here! it's like 80 cents (not even 50p) a track!

NiT GriT - Park Manglement FULL 320!

NiT GriT - Special K FULL 320!

NiT GriT - Lupin FULL 320!

these are 2 tunes off the album, if you aren't mind blown from these tracks there's something wrong with you!

thanks to blair for finding this guy!

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