Tuesday, April 20, 2010


oh, inspector, you rude motherfucker! his april selection is as dirrrty as ever.

DUBFREAKS is a label that is very quickly blowing up. these guys are putting on some SERIOUS shows, last event they threw had flux pavillion, tomba, funtcase and their crew. unfortunately, it got shut down because of some drug fucked london trash, but keep your eyes peeled for the next one. guaranteed to be massive!

today they released a FREE EP which i'll throw up here for you guys to grab as well. it's got 3 mini-mixes and a heeap of tracks from their crew. grab it HERE! seriously awesome stuff.

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one last thing, i wasn't going to put this up but i changed my mind. today i decided it was about time i tried to get my head around producing, and after spending like over 10 hours in reason - i came up with this. literally only tried this program today so give me a break! but check it out anyway if you're keen. the drop just makes me laugh, it sounds like funky disco dubstep. it's shit but my first, be nice!

Tesla Coil 320

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