Monday, April 19, 2010


BAR 9 are 2 guys who have been producing seriously sick dubstep for a few years now, and they were one of the first dubstep dj's that i ever got into. their dubstep label Audio Freaks will never disapoint anyone who loves dirty grimey dubstep! a couple weeks back they did a mix on mary anne hobs radio 1 show, so i cut their segment out and upped it for you lot! there's also 2 other clips of theirs to check out below.

Bar 9 - Murda Sound VIP

Deftones - Shove It (Bar 9 Remix)

BAR 9 Radio 1 20 Min Mix with Mary Anne Hobbs


1. Paul Harris Vs The Eurythmics · I Want You (BAR9 Remix)
2. Kyza · Go (BAR9 Remix)
3. Bar 9 · Pussyhole VIP
4. Carrelli & Piper · inDisco (BAR9 Remix)
5. Bar9 · Piano Tune (BIGGG)
6. Sidney Samson Sidney Samson · Shut Up & Let it Go (BAR9 Remix)
7. Bar9 · Sorrow
8. Bar9 · Motion
9. Bar9 · Midnight
10. Bar9 · Swagger
11. Bar9 · 1983

you can buy bar 9's stuff from digital-tunes, and check more of their tunes on their myspace.

also just want to say thanks to everyone that's been checking this! dani (for sharing on your tumblr, yeah i saw that), jesse, bon, lea, becky, etc. you're all awesome! xx


  1. I only check this every morning and night because it's AMAZING! Good work Luke! Don't stop! :D

  2. When will Swagger be available? That track is siiiiiick!